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You must go down the same path that hurt you to find your healing but this time you must do it with love. ~ Jeff and Shaleia

Are you:

  • Tired of unsatisfying relationships and ready to call in “the one”, “your person”, or your “one true love”?

  • On your Twin Flame Ascension Journey and desiring additional support on your path to Harmonious Twin Flame Union or perhaps desiring to meet your true Twin Flame?

  • Wanting to heal physical separation with your Twin Flame?

  • Ready to heal patterns that seem to keep resurfacing in your life?

  • Willing to look within to heal the core wounds and core beliefs that lie in your subconscious which are holding you back from your dream life?

  • Wanting to learn how to love yourself unconditionally?

  • Feeling stuck and feeling a need to “find yourself” or wondering what your purpose may be?

  • Desiring to improve your relationship with God?

  • Seeking spiritual ascension or enlightenment?

  • Seeking support and hope on your journey?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, I can help you.

Introductory Session

This option is for those booking an initial session. We'll discuss your journey and how I can help you. I'll introduce you to the mirror exercise and tell you about resources that are a perfect complement to coaching sessions. This is just $40 for 60 minutes.

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60 Minute Coaching Session

In individual sessions, we will do spiritual work to dissolve the barriers in the way of your life of happiness. Coaching sessions can be focused on your twin flame journey, your life purpose journey, your spiritual journey, and/or your personal journey of healing, love, and happiness. Whatever feels good to work through. This session is $85.

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Coaching Package (4 sessions)

Here, you can purchase a 4 session package of 60 minute sessions. This package is $325. Sessions need to be booked within 60 days .

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Group Coaching

Group coaching may feel like a better fit for you than individual coaching. Receive coaching and heal with others together in a group. This is limited to 10 people and is $200/month.

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What Exactly is Ascension Coaching and How is it Different from Life Coaching or Therapy?

Life Coaching is focused on solutions to short term goals.  Psychotherapy is processing feelings and emotions, though much of it is focused on your conscious mind.

Ascension Coaching has many similarities to Spiritual Coaching, if this is a term you are more familiar with.  Ascension Coaching helps you connect with the spirit within you, aka your soul or divine self.  It helps you to heal at the soul level. It guides you to rediscover your authentic self and live life in this way.  And, it helps you connect with God (the universe, source, etc)  as you allow yourself to feel whole and live more consciously.  There is a focus on inner healing work, self love, healing separation consciousness, raising your vibration, attracting your desires into your life as you realize you are a co-creator of your reality, and living a life of joy, purpose, fulfillment, love, and harmony eternally.

I find many are guided to Ascension Coaching upon being on their Twin Flame journey.  Twin Flame Coaching and Ascension Coaching really are one in the same; both are a journey back to yourself and the process doesn’t stop once you reach Harmonious Twin Flame Union, as you are continuing to ascend.  Hence, the term Ascension Coaching.


There’s never going to be a ‘we’ there’s only you and how you feel.  That’s where your Union is, in how you feel, because you’re not separate from your Twin Flame.  ~Jeff and Shaleia


Why Invest in Coaching?

Most of my clients have come to me for help with their Twin Flame journey. I have found that working with a coach who “gets” the Twin Flame journey to be an integral part of my journey.  I would not be where I am today without the support, guidance, and understanding that my Twin Flame ascension coach has been able to provide to me, as I have found unless you’re on this journey, it can be hard to really understand.  As your coach, I am here to support you, to teach you, and also to help you see blindspots within yourself that you may not be aware of, so those areas can be healed more quickly.  I am honored to be this person for you!


If you’d like to chat over email first, you can email me at or send me a message through the form below!