Nurturing the Soul Book Study

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Does your soul crave to learn as much as it can while on your spiritual journey?  How would it feel to part of an online book club with other like minded souls? I felt guided to create a spiritual book study for those who love to nurture their soul through increased knowledge in a setting with other like minded souls.

Sometimes it can be hard to commit to reading an entire book, so in the group, the book will be broken down to review either a chapter or a section of a book each week so it feels more manageable. My vision for the group is to guide a discussion on topics such as what stood out to you, what do you want to do more of based on what you read, and what “came up” or triggered you in what you read. The group will serve as a discussion for everyone to learn from one another, while working on your own soul growth, but it will also include an opportunity for inner healing work in the group setting for any triggers that arise to be healed!

The group meetings will be held on Sundays at 8:30pm EST for 1 hour and 30 minutes. There will be a limit to 10 people who can participate in the group.  If there are at least 3 people on the waiting list, then a second group will be held. I wants to make this affordable and accessible, so felt guided to offer this at $35/week. The number of weeks that will be devoted to each book is dependent on the length of the book. When you sign up, you will be signing up for the duration of the book. So, if the book will take 6 weeks to go through, you will sign up for the entire 6 weeks. You can find the books that will be discussed at the bottom of the page so you can determine which books speak to your soul in terms of participating. You may choose all of them, too!

Books will be on the topics of self love, spiritual awakening, life purpose, law of attraction, abundance, soul growth, twin flames, etc!

The book club will be held over Zoom, the same platform where coaching sessions are held. If you don’t already have Zoom, you can sign up and download it here:

I look forward to seeing you in the group where we can learn, grow, heal, and nurture our souls together!

The first book we will be working through is The Self Love Experiment: 15 Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself by Shannon Kaiser. I chose this book because a big portion of the twin flame journey is learning to love yourself rather than look for love outside of you.  So, this felt like a perfect book to begin with!  This book is divided into 6 sections, so we will be working through it over a course of 6 weeks, beginning on Sunday November 3, 2019, from 8:30pm EST to 10pm EST, through Sunday December 8 , 2019 . The cost to participate for this 6 week book study, which includes a total of 9 hours, is $210 and you can sign up here:

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