Card Readings for the Soul

Are you feeling stuck and needing some answers and guidance?  A card reading is a great way to help in getting clarity!  When doing readings, I connect with the energy of your soul (aka divine higher self) and with God in order to share divinely guided messages with you!

I offer readings where you can share with me a specific question or concern that you would like guidance on. And, I also offer theme based readings. They all are listed below!

To order a reading, please select the reading in the box below and let me know any additional information you’d like me to know in the comment section.   Then make a payment through the Paypal options.

If you would like to send me a picture for the readings that include another person, please send via email to  

You will receive your reading and guidance via email in divine timing, which is typically within 1-7 days of submitting your request and payment.  I will email you a report which will include a picture of the cards and the messages that I receive.   There is also an option to purchase a live video reading, where I do the reading live with you through Zoom.  If you choose this option, please go to my calendar link to schedule a time for the reading and you will also be prompted to make a payment upon scheduling. Thank you!  It’s an honor to read for you!


**All sales are final.**


  • Blocks to Clear Reading

This includes messages on blocks that would be helpful to work on healing which are preventing you from moving forward in a certain area of your life, such as with your twin flame, romance, work, family relationships, etc. This can also be a good complement to a coaching session where I can help you start to heal the identified blocks.


  • Life Purpose Reading

Your life purpose is what you are meant to do. This is something that you feel passionate about, where you are sharing a gift and love with others in the world, and is something your soul desires to do. It can be a career, but someone’s career isn’t necessarily their life purpose, especially when you think of people who are unhappy in their work. It’s doing something that you love, that you feel passionate about, that helps you feel “alive”, that you feel called to do, and getting paid is like an added bonus because you are so energized from living your life purpose. This reading includes guidance messages about your life purpose, if you are wondering what your divine purpose in this world truly is, and guidance steps towards living your life purpose.


  • Beautiful Me Reading

Do you see yourself as the beautiful, divine being that you are? Underneath all of those headspace criticisms and doubts? This reading includes guidance messages about how to really connect with and radiate your beautiful divine feminine self that is within you and longing to be expressed.


  • Dream, Oh Dream, What do you Mean Reading

This includes guidance messages to help gain clarity about a dream you are trying to make sense of. Dreams often show us blocks and include messages from the Divine. For this reading, please include as many details about the dream as you are able to and any feelings that arose for you while in the dream that you are able to recall.


  • Messages from the Soul Reading

This reading includes messages that your soul/higher self wants you to know! The messages include a description of your soul, how you can quiet your thoughts and listen to the inner guidance your soul is trying to communicate with you, how you can better trust your inner guidance, part of yourself that need more acceptance and need to be embraced, how you can be the best version of yourself, and an overall message from your soul.


  • Messages from the Child Within Reading

Your inner child is with you, always, desiring to be expressed. They want to play, have fun, be heard, and be expressed. As adults, many people subconsciously have learned to suppress their inner child, so their inner child is expressed in ways such as anger, outbursts, boredom, frustration–like the child who is being ignored. It’s safe to connect with and express your inner child! This reading includes messages that you need to know from your inner child, how your inner child is feeling presently, something that is still hurting, how that is affecting you now, something you can do to heal this part of you, how you can support your inner child, how your inner child desires to be expressed, a gift from your inner child, and a message from your inner child.


  • Messages from God Reading

God and the Divine are always communicating with you! But, sometimes it can be hard to understand or hear the messages they want you to know. This reading shares messages with you from God, Mother Mary, the Divine, the Archangels, your Guardian Angels, and your guide team.


  • Bundle of Love Reading

In this reading, I will receive messages of love for you from the Divine, from your higher self, and from your twin flame or beloved. Lots of love for you! I will also received some specific messages of guidance for you. Please include your twin flame’s first and last name for this reading and any other information you feel would be helpful for me to have (ie birthday, picture, where they live, etc).


  • Messages of Abundance Reading

In this reading, I will receive guidance messages related to expanding your abundance and any blocks to abundance.  Abundance includes things such as wealth, love, time, happiness, etc.


  • Heaven on Earth Twin Flame Reading

This reading is designed specifically for your twin flame journey.   As the journey is truly an inner journey, I will use the 10 card Celtic Cross spread for this to dive deeper into your energies.  This reading will also include messages from your twin flame, your higher self, God, and the angels.


  • How Can We Get Along?

Are you feeling stuck in a non-romantic relationship that you have?  Perhaps with your child, parent, a family member, friend, roommate, boss, co-worker, someone you have some form of a relationship with.  In this reading, I will use a 10 card Celtic Cross spread to dive deeper into the energies that are affecting the relationship.


  • Messages from the Angels

In this reading, I only  use angel decks to receive guidance messages for you from the angels.  Please just share with me what question you have for the angels.


1, 3, 7 Card Readings with Your Question of Choice

  • 1 Card Reading , 3 Card Reading, or 7 Card Reading  

Are you trying to make a decision on something but are not sure of the next best step? Such as should you stay at your job, should you pursue a new career opportunity, should you move to a particular city, etc. With this reading, it’s most helpful to focus on one question. So, instead of asking “should I leave my job or stay at my current job”, asking “what will be the outcome if I pursue this career opportunity that was presented to me” or “what will be the outcome if I stay at my current job?”

Did you experience something and are wanting to receive a guidance message for clarity or understanding the meaning behind what happened? Or perhaps wanting to know 1, 3, or 7 blocks you need to work on at this time?  

There are many options, so whatever your question, please specify in the comment section when ordering the reading.  If you want general guidance rather than a specific question, that’s perfectly fine, too! The number of cards used will depend on which reading you purchase.


With the 3 card reading, please specify if you would like me to pull 3 cards for your question or if you would like me to do a 3 card recent past, present energy, and future energy reading.


  • Open ended card reading

This is a reading that is on whatever area you would like guidance on, but, there is not a limit in the number of cards I receive. I will gather as many messages as my intuition guides to me gather for you.  This may also include a Celtic Cross spread for some more in depth guidance.


  • Live Card Reading

In this reading, we will do a live video reading through Zoom.  The difference with this reading is we can also discuss what comes up for you or any thoughts you have about the cards and messages.  Any of the readings offered can be done this way.   This reading will last about 45 minutes-1 hour.  Upon selecting this reading, please also schedule an appointment with me below for the live card reading. PayPal is integrated into my scheduler for your convenience!

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What is a Celtic Cross Spread?

This is a more in-depth 10 card spread based on something more serious you are wanting to know about, such as relationships, life purpose, etc.  This spread looks at how you are feeling about your present situation; a challenge affecting the presenting question; what’s “underneath” (ie subconscious, hidden, distant past things that are affecting the problem); recent past or something that’s come to a conclusion; conscious thoughts in the present moment that are more obvious; what is coming in the near future; where you have power, a lack of power, or how you see yourself; how others see you or the effect of others in your life or how you’re being perceived; hopes or fears; outcome.

This summary of the Celtic Cross spread is based on what I learned at a workshop provided by Radleigh Valentine.