Spiritual Psychotherapy

If you stumbled across this website, then I know spirituality is a big part of your life!  And, it’s helpful to get support on your spiritual journey.

I am no longer accepting new clients for 1:1 spiritual coaching or twin flame coaching services.  Instead, I felt guided to combine spirituality with my psychotherapy background and provide spiritual psychotherapy services.  Services are done via video session/telehealth.

I currently hold a clinical psychotherapy license in the state of Illinois, USA, and am able to provide clinical services to clients who reside in Illinois at this time.

If you live outside of Illinois, USA, and are interested in spiritual psychotherapy services, please still reach out to me.  I am looking into becoming licensed in some additional states in the USA so it’s helpful if you let me know where you live.

I am also open to looking into the regulations with providing spiritual psychotherapy services to those who live in another country.  I want to help as many people as I can on their journeys of healing and spirituality.

If you are interested in spiritual psychotherapy services, please complete the contact form below!

*Serious inquiries only*