Seasonal Theme Based Readings

Have you been curious about energies for the upcoming season? Perhaps what you’re leaving behind, what’s coming in, or guidance on what to be aware of? What if there was something new and different each month to receive guidance on?

Well, look no further!  Each season you’ll find a new theme based reading that I’ve designed, which can make this reading kind of fun! I hope you enjoy the guidance messages as much as I enjoy creating the new readings!


Theme Based Reading for The Summer!

Do you feel something is on the verge of blooming and blossoming for you during the summer months?  Something that will be celebrated?  Ooh – it’s very exciting!  Let’s look at the energies to see what will help this manifest in a smooth and joyful way for you.

This is a 7 card reading where we look at:

 1. Overall energies

2. What area of your life has a new beginning that wants to be birthed

3. Is there anything you’re subconsciously doing that’s slowing the process?

4. What do you need to release for this to happen?

5. What do you need to embrace for this to happen?

6. What is your next step?

7.  The most important message (the card at the bottom of the deck)

This reading is delivered via PDF with photos of the cards and a written message for you.  I look forward to reading for you!

This reading is available to be ordered through July 30, 2023. 

Theme Based Summer Reading – What’s Blooming & Blossoming

Legal Disclaimer

By booking a reading, you acknowledge that spiritual guidance is not a substitute for medical or psychological services, I’m legally required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only, and you are at least 18 years old. Always use your intuition as you take in the messages. Therapy 4 The Soul accepts no liability for any decisions, choices, or actions you choose to take based on the messages in the reading.