Which Crystal Are You Drawn To?

Take a look at the messages below, to see if the crystal you were drawn to has a message that resonates for you!

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1.  Clear Quartz

If you were drawn to this crystal, you may be experiencing heartache.  Perhaps related to a break-up, a loss, or something that continues to give you pain.  It’s safe to acknowledge the pain in your heart and reach out to those you trust for support as you heal your heartache.  You can also schedule a coaching session with me for support and help in doing inner healing work.




2. Rose Quartz

If you were drawn to this crystal, you may be working towards being true to yourself.  You are learning to love yourself and feeling more comfortable in being your authentic self.  You are working towards following your heart and soul’s desires.   You are working towards taking your mask down.  Trust that it’s safe to be yourself and others will love you for who you are.  You have so much to offer the world by being true to you!  Choose to heal any fears that may be getting in the way of showing yourself to the world.  If you need help dissolving these fears, I can help through a coaching session!




3.  Turquoise Quartz

If you were drawn to this crystal, you may be holding onto anger.  You may be aware of this or you may have have suppressed the anger.  It’s important to release anger as it’s either consciously or subconsciously blocking happiness in your life.  It’s safe to forgive, as this is healing for yourself, not excusing someone’s poor behavior.  And, it’s safe to forgive yourself.  Choose to heal.  If you need help with healing,  I can help and support you through a coaching session.