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Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover; your Divine complement created for you by God, for whom you were created to be with eternally.  ~Jeff and Shaleia



Hello, my name is Carolyn.  Welcome to Therapy 4 the Soul! I have been on my Twin Flame journey since 2016.  I have experienced the pain, the joy, the doubts, and the miracles.  I understand what you may be experiencing.   I am here to support you on your Twin Flame journey, your spiritual and ascension journey, your self-love and healing journey, and your path of co-creating your Heaven on Earth and the life that your heart desires.

Take a moment to visualize living life as your beautiful, authentic self.  No masks, no hiding, no fear of judgment, just being you.  You are happy and having fun, living your life purpose in harmony with your Twin Flame.  What else does your heart desire?  Are you ready to create this for yourself?

I offer Ascension Coaching, Twin Flame Coaching, and Mindset & Manifestation Coaching.  No matter what your goal is, each type of coaching I offer helps you to step into your authentic self and live the life your soul desires.

I am here to partner with you and walk you home to your life of happiness, fulfillment, and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union with your perfect partner And if you find yourself in separation with your Twin Flame, there is no need to lose hope – you can heal this! Are you ready to get started?


You can’t judge your Twin Flame relationship by the external.  The relationship is much deeper and richer than you’re currently thinking.  ~Jeff and Shaleia 

Sign up for a one-hour introductory coaching session for just $40 to learn more about how I can help you, by clicking the pink button below.   I am a Certified Ascension Coach in partnership with Twin Flames Universe.  I am also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. I provide coaching sessions through the comfort and convenience of video sessions.

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Cards and Coaching

This includes both services offered by Therapy 4 the Soul. This is a 90 minute individual session where we pull cards and do spiritual healing and coaching work around the messages.

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Heal and connect with others on a similar path in a group coaching setting! This weekly 90 minute session is limited to 10 people.

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Therapy 4 the Soul’s mission is to help and support you through the path of ascension and spiritual awakening, as you deepen your love and connection with God, yourself, and your Twin Flame. It is also about helping and supporting you in living a happier, loving, more fulfilling life where you are living your life purpose each and every day and sharing your life with your Twin Flame in Harmonious Union. It is about diving deep and doing compassionate and loving spiritual healing work at the soul level, to clear and heal what doesn’t feel good, and do more of what sparks joy for your soul, so you feel fulfilled, complete, whole, and in full alignment with love and your divine self.    It is about helping you discover what excites you and learn ways to share yourself and your gifts with others to make a difference in the world.

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