Hi and welcome to Therapy 4 the Soul! I’m so glad you stopped by!  Are you ready to fall in love for the last time?    If yes, keep reading!


What You Seek is Seeking You

What is Therapy 4 the Soul?  It is helping you through the path of falling in love for the very last time, with your perfect partner. It is about love, the purest of loves, where you have unconditional love for yourself, your twin flame (if you’re not familiar with this term, but have heard of soul mates, you can think of it as the highest level of soulmate that exists, but in an even juicer way, and can learn more here), and God.  It is about deepening your connection with your soul, your divine self, and God and discovering who you truly are.  It is about self discovery and as you find yourself, you find your twin flame as you are one! It is about nourishing your soul.  It’s about giving your soul some TLC so you can understand how to fully express your soul and be your authentic self.   It is about diving deep and doing compassionate and loving spiritual healing work at the soul level, to clear and heal what doesn’t feel good, so you feel fulfilled, complete, and in full alignment with your desires.  It is about discovering your soul’s purpose.  It is about helping and supporting you in living a happier, loving, more fulfilling life where you are living your life purpose each and every day and sharing your life with your twin flame in harmonious union.   How does that feel?


_Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along_ _Rumi

Now, I’d like you to take a moment to imagine yourself living a life that feels magical.  Your perfect partner, your twin flame,  is with you and you feel in alignment with love.  But, this is a special love, like nothing you’ve experienced before.   You have discovered your purpose in life and instead of feeling like you need to go to a job every day, you are following your heart and soul and have discovered a way for your purpose to also be your career.  So, you look forward to work every single day as it feels fun and meaningful!  Getting paid is just a bonus for you though you are living abundantly because you are choosing to follow love and what feels good.  And guess what, you and your twin flame are teaming up as you have a shared purpose and are living it together!  Imagine how much fun that is!  Life feels exciting, loving, easy, fun, and abundant!  You feel complete, whole, and loved!  You have trust in following your heart’s desires!  And your relationship with God and your own divine self feels amazing.  How does that feel?


If any part of you feels this is impossible, keep in mind what Rumi beautifully states, “what you seek is seeking you”. Everything you desire is meant for you.  Are you ready to heal the blocks, barriers, and resistance energy that’s within you so you can come into alignment with your desires?


Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

My name is Carolyn and I want to help you with all of these things! All that you desire is possible!  I have experienced transformations while healing blocks and upsets on my path to harmonious twin flame union and you can learn more about me here.  I have realized that my life purpose is to help to guide beautiful souls like yourself into harmonious union with your twin flame while re-awakening to the inner sparkle that exists within you so you can live the magical, beautiful, loving, and fulfilling life your soul is desiring to experience! I am thrilled to assist you on your journey of healing, blossoming, transformation, and expansion!


The current personalized services I offer to help support you on your journey include Card Readings and Coaching and Healing Services.   Outside of Therapy 4 the Soul, I am a masters level licensed marriage and family psychotherapist but find healing through inner work is much more effective than traditional talk therapy and I love the healing power in spiritual work.  I love helping others on their path to love and healing, though helping you with your path to falling in love for the last time, with your twin flame and perfect partner, is what I am passionate about!

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your happiness, your healing, your abundance, your spiritual journey and relationship with God, and your twin flame union?  I look forward to being a partner with you on your journey!