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“With each passing moment, a soul sets off to find itself.”  ~Rumi

Are you embarking on a soul searching journey, looking to connect more deeply with your soul, discover what lights up your soul, live a soul aligned life, manifest the dreams in your heart, or better understand the direction your soul is guiding you towards?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome, Beautiful Soul! My name is Carolyn and I’m so glad you stopped by.  I love connecting with spiritual seekers like yourself and supporting you on your spiritual journey.  I’m an intuitive, a Certified Angel Tarot Reader, and a spiritual advisor and guide.

I see my work as helping you identify the next puzzle piece on your soul’s journey, as though you are on a spiritual scavanger hunt and are looking for the next clue from your soul as part of your spiritual path.  I am so honored to help provide clarity and spiritual guidance for you in this way.   


Card Readings for the Soul with Carolyn

Therapy 4 The Soul offers Card Readings as a spiritual tool to help you on your spiritual journey and journey of creating a life that feels magical and lights up your soul, which I absolutely LOVE doing!  

The readings help you to understand and provide insight to your present energy, identify what’s getting in the way on your journey, and determine some solutions for aligning more closely with your dreams.  The readings help in giving you the clarity you are seeking and I offer spiritual coaching and advisement within the reading guidance.  My background in psychotherapy helps me to deliver spiritual guidance to you in a grounded way. 

Remember, you CAN change your present circumstances at anytime, as energy is always changing, and card readings are a wonderful tool to help in understanding this!  The messages help to give you the next step but it is up to you to “say yes” and have the courage to take action.  

In addition to card readings, Therapy 4 The Soul is also offering a specialized type of reading – Dream Readings.  If you’re curious to make sense out of what a dream is trying to tell you, you may find a dream reading to be helpful!  Sometimes this is where your next puzzle piece on your journey is revealed to you – it just comes down to making sense of the message.  Click the link to learn more!


Therapy 4 The Soul is also offering personalized Emotion Freedom Technique Meditations, also more commonly known as “tapping”.  EFT helps to tap into stuck emotions and energy in your body and helps to dislodge them so they will flow.  

A card reading or a dream reading are both wonderful tools to help you identify where the energies may be keeping you stuck and guidance on how to align more deeply with your soul, the life you are seeking to create for yourself, and next steps to take.  They can really help in bringing to light what is more hidden or subconscious so you can make conscious shifts and changes.  An EFT meditation can help support you with releasing or aligning to some of these energies. I would be honored to support you on your spiritual journey!


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