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Take a moment to imagine you are living your dream life.  Perhaps you are living a life of following your heart rather than the life you or others “think” you should be living.  This life of following your heart may include some key pieces.  I am guessing romance will be a part of your perfect life.  This means having your perfect partner, the one designed for you by God, by your side.  This is your twin flame.  I am also guessing you want a life that feels purposeful and fun, which includes a job you look forward to going to each day!  This is your true life purpose.   Another guess I have is that you just want to be yourself.  Yes, your authentic, fun, silly, carefree self.  And showing up as this person without worrying about judgment from others.   What else is part of your dream life?

Now, how does it feel to imagine this life? 

Do you feel happy, fulfilled, and free?

What if I told you that this life isn’t merely a fantasy, but instead this can be a reality for you?

My name is Carolyn and I am here to support you on your journey of spirituality, your twin flame journey, and your path of co-creating your heaven on earth and the life that you desire.  I am here to partner with you and walk you home to your life of happiness, fulfillment, and your harmonious twin flame union with your perfect partner.  Are you ready?



What You Seek is Seeking You

I remember the day I made a choice to have a different life for myself.   Little did I know, this would be the start of my twin flame ascension journey.   I hadn’t even heard of the term twin flame before meeting my divine masculine, but the twin flame journey certainly found me.  I realize now that I called it in when I decided I was tired of unsatisfying relationships and was ready and choosing to meet “the one”.  And wow, so much has changed in my life since this happened, in such a beautiful way! 



Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

The twin flame journey is a life long one of choosing love, growth, trust, faith, and expansion.  I’ve experienced the upsets, the fears, the peace, the signs, the miracles, the doubts, the joys, the love, and the transformation!  I understand what you’re going through!  And, I really want to use my experiences and lessons learned to help you!  




As a member of Twin Flame Ascension School , I’ve gained an understanding of the foundation and tools needed to “fast track” my twin flame ascension journey, in which the integration of these tools has become part of how I now experience life every day.  This is a core component of how I can help you!  You don’t need to wait for your “twin flame to come home.”  You have the power to heal your union! Don’t delay your love, healing, happiness, and fulfillment!  All that you desire is meant for you! 





Sign up for a complimentary 20 minute coaching consultation to learn more about how I can help you, by clicking the pink button below.   I am a Certified Ascension Coach in partnership with Twin Flames Universe.  I am based in Chicago and offer video sessions, so your location does not matter.  I also offer email coaching as an alternative to coaching through video sessions if writing feels better for you.

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In addition to coaching, I also offer card readings.  Card readings are a beautiful way to receive guidance from God as part of your ascension journey.  As a Certified Angel Oracle and Certified Angel Tarot Reader, I am delighted to have an opportunity to share guidance messages with you to help lead you towards joy and the life of your dreams!  I offer several theme based readings (my most popular readings are twin flame readings and life purpose readings), readings with your own question, emergency readings completed within 48 hours, and reading packages. Readings that I offer can be found here!

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Therapy 4 the Soul’s mission is to help and support you through the path of ascension and spiritual awakening, as you deepen your love and connection with God, yourself, and your twin flame. It is also about helping and supporting you in living a happier, loving, more fulfilling life where you are living your life purpose each and every day and sharing your life with your twin flame in harmonious union. It is about diving deep and doing compassionate and loving spiritual healing work at the soul level, to clear and heal what doesn’t feel good, and do more of what sparks joy for your soul, so you feel fulfilled, complete, whole, and in full alignment with love and your divine self.    It is about helping you discover what excites you and learn ways to share yourself and your gifts with others to make a difference in the world.

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