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“With each passing moment, a soul sets off to find itself.”  ~Rumi

Are you on a spiritual journey and find yourself seeking answers and direction?  The spiritual journey can sometimes feel like a confusing time, can’t it?

Maybe it feels like life has taken a twist that has really shaken you up, caused you to experience some pain and suffering, or you find yourself feeling a bit lost, confused, or directionless?  Or maybe you are seeking some clarity and guidance about your next step – wanting to know the direction your soul is guiding you towards?  Or, maybe you’ve said “enough is enough” and you feel ready to manifest your soul aligned life and are seeking spiritual guidance as part of your process.

There’s a phrase I love that essentially says “you’re not finding yourself, you’re creating yourself.”  That is what I am here to help you to do – to create and manifest the life you desire to experience! You have the power to do so.

Welcome, Beautiful Soul! My name is Carolyn and I’m so glad you stopped by.  I feel you have been guided here for a reason! I love connecting with spiritual seekers like yourself and supporting you on your spiritual journey.  I have been on my spiritually awakened journey since 2017 and can likely identify with how you may be feeling.  I would be honored to help you on your spiritual journey.

I am a soulful energy worker, Certified Angel Tarot Reader, and psychotherapist. I use spiritual tools such as card readings and dream interpretation readings to help spiritual seekers just like you illuminate the next puzzle piece on your soul’s journey while providing grounded spiritual guidance to help inspire and empower you while you are transforming your life!  

 I see what I offer as “therapy for the soul.”


Card Readings for the Soul with Carolyn

Therapy 4 The Soul offers Card Readings as a spiritual tool to help you on your spiritual journey of creating a life that feels magical and lights up your soul, which I absolutely LOVE doing!  

The readings I provide are designed to help you know yourself better, understand the energies you’re encountering, and help you feel empowered to make changes in order to manifest the goals and outcomes you are desiring for your dream  life.  To be clear, the readings I do are not designed to “predict the future.”  They’re simply a tool to provide you with intuitive guidance, where you have the key and I help to hold the lantern so you can see more clearly what your next step is. 

My belief is card readings help connect with the energy of your higher self, subconscious mind, and the Divine for intuitive and divine guidance that helps you create your best life.

Click the link to learn more and to invest in your card reading!

In addition to card readings, Therapy 4 The Soul is also offering a specialized type of reading – Dream Readings.  If you’re curious to make sense out of what a dream is trying to tell you, you may find a dream reading to be helpful!  Sometimes this is where your next puzzle piece on your journey is revealed to you – it just comes down to making sense of the messages and symbolisms.  

Click the link to learn more and to purchase a dream reading!

Therapy 4 The Soul is also offering personalized Emotion Freedom Technique Meditations, also more commonly known as “tapping”.  EFT is a healing technique which helps access stuck emotions and energy in your body and works to dislodge them, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, enhances relaxation, and helps the energy within you to flow again.  You do the work by simply following the meditation and prompts!  

Click the link to learn more and to purchase a personalized meditation.

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