What You Seek is Seeking You


Welcome to Therapy 4 the Soul!  My name is Carolyn and I am here to support you on your spiritual ascension journey, which includes your spiritual union with your one true love, your twin flame.  


What is spiritual ascension?  I see this as the process of reconnecting with who you are as a soul, seeing yourself as a divine being full of love, experiencing yourself and life through the eyes of God, a deepening in your relationship with God, an expanded consciousness and awareness, and living life through this new way of being.  You feel awakened.  You truly love yourself (but in a self love way, not an egotistical way).  You are letting go of old beliefs, old doubts, letting go of settling for things you truly don’t desire and instead seeing the love and magic each day brings as you live a life of fulfillment, purpose, and in alignment with the desires of your soul and God.  You are excited about each day and how you can share yourself and your gifts with others to make a difference in the world.

Therapy 4 the Soul’s mission is to help and support you through the path of ascension and spiritual awakening, as you deepen your love and connection with God, yourself, and your twin flame. It is also about helping and supporting you in living a happier, loving, more fulfilling life where you are living your life purpose each and every day and sharing your life with your twin flame in harmonious union. It is about diving deep and doing compassionate and loving spiritual healing work at the soul level, to clear and heal what doesn’t feel good, and do more of what sparks joy for your soul, so you feel fulfilled, complete, whole, and in full alignment with love and your divine self.    



Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.


All that you desire is possible!  I have experienced transformations while healing blocks and upsets on my path to harmonious twin flame union.  I have realized that my life purpose is to help to guide beautiful souls like yourself into harmonious union with your twin flame while re-awakening to the inner sparkle that exists within you so you can live the magical, beautiful, loving, and fulfilling life your soul is desiring to experience! I am thrilled to assist you on your journey of healing, blossoming, transformation, and expansion!


_Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along_ _Rumi


The current personalized services offered to help support you on your journey include Card Readings, Coaching and Healing Services,  and Nurturing the Soul Book Club.  I am a member of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose class with Twin Flames Universe, I have completed a course on the Art of Card Reading by Hay House, and I also received Angel Communication and Card Reading Training by Radleigh Valentine which earned me the Angel Oracle Certification. 

Outside of Therapy 4 the Soul, I am a masters level licensed marriage and family psychotherapist but finds healing through inner work is much more effective than traditional talk therapy and loves the healing power in spiritual work.  I am passionate about helping others on their path to love and healing.



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