About Me



Hello! My name is Carolyn and I am the founder of Therapy 4 the Soul. Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you stopped by!


Why the name Therapy for the Soul?  My background and training is in Family Therapy.  However, I am more drawn to spiritual healing work, where you are working with the mind, body, and soul, are integrating more intuitive and energetic healing than traditional psychotherapy, and bring God into the space.  I think of this work as doing healing at the soul level, where love, happiness, and all your desire is part of the healing, as if the healing work is “therapy for the soul.”


Now, a bit about how I really stumbled upon this journey.  I met my twin flame in 2016, but did not know anything about twin flames until I did some research when he and I entered our upset stage in 2017.  It was a unique relationship where I remember telling my friends “it’s so strange, I feel like I’m dating the male version of me.”  We “clicked” and had a connection like I never had before.  It was hard to rationally make sense out of.  Little did I know that meeting this person, my twin flame, would propel me forward into my Ascension process and completely change my life.  Although I was raised Catholic and always believed in God, through this experience I now feel that I have a relationship with God, which I didn’t realize was missing for me before. Wow, did that change things! Nothing has been the same since, but in a very good way!  Upon consciously beginning what I understood to be my twin flame journey, my big focus was  a goal of reuniting with my twin flame.  However, through this journey, I ended up “finding myself” and established a new relationship with God.  The whole process has been very life changing and bigger and better than I ever could have imagined!


I learned that a big part of twin flame union involves life purpose work.  My career was initially focused very much on one of my favorite topics, love and romance, while practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist where I did a lot of work with couples and singles who were navigating the dating world.   However, since going all in with my twin flame journey, that has shifted a bit.  I found working with couples was no longer enjoyable for me, as I found due to the stigma of couples therapy, many were waiting to come in once their relationship was in “crisis”, and fear tended to outweigh love in their relationships.  And, it’s important to note that it was not twin flame couples I was working with.  I discovered as I delved into my own healing work, I was called to help others heal the relationship with themselves, rather than with others, and this healing improved their relationship with others. This has felt really good, but God has really revealed to me my desire to step into my divine life purpose of Ascension Coaching, which I help others heal their relationship with God, with themselves, and attain harmonious twin flame union.  This type of work is fun for me!


I also truly stumbled across card reading with this journey, which I also feel is part of my life purpose work!  With my Catholic upbringing, I was initially not sure what I thought of this.  But, I have come to really see it’s a beautiful way to receive guidance from God and the angels and it has really helped me live a life of more peace and joy rather than worry, if I listen to and follow the guidance that is shared with me in the messages.  Which, I do!  After purchasing some decks for myself, I started giving some readings to friends, who all were in shock at how “spot on” the readings were!  So, I wanted to learn more to offer messages from God through the cards to others, which led me to receive further training to enhance my understanding and skills, and alas, the development of “Card Readings for the Soul” for divine soul guidance.



I have received some specific spiritual trainings to support the work I am offering with Therapy 4 the Soul. Outside of being a member of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class, I went through training with Twin Flames Universe to become a Certified Ascension Coach. I have completed the Angel Communication and Card Reading Training by Radleigh Valentine, which helped me earn the Angel Oracle Certification. With this certification, I have learned more about angels, how to communicate with angels, and techniques on using angel oracle and tarot decks. I am also a Certified Angel Tarot Reader, also through training by Radleigh Valentine.  I have additionally completed an 8 hour course on the Art of Card Reading and am currently taking courses on becoming a Certified Card Reader (training provided by Hay House).


I have worked with my own coaches and am a member of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Classes through Twin Flames Universe where I have learned the tools to healing subconscious wounds, healing separation consciousness, enjoying life with God, and the foundation and tools for harmonious twin flame union. My life has transformed in ways I never could have imagined through doing this work and I really want to help others heal and experience their heaven on earth.


I definitely see my psychotherapy background as being a foundation for working as a coach and I resonate with the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. I am quite interested in subconscious work, shadow work, inner child healing, and have a special interest in dream work. Subconscious work is so important when thinking of spiritual healing work as that’s where the work is done–your subconscious self!


I have also received level 1 training in the clinical use of hypnosis from the Hypnosis Institute, which I was eligible to do with my background as a licensed health professional. I have not yet completed all of the training to become fully certified, but I have received initial training and am able to use hypnotic induced visualization and hypnotic induced ego strengthening techniques in my work. Hypnosis also works with the subconscious self and some of the techniques can be useful in helping you access your subconscious during spiritual inner healing work.



Helping you on your path to experience self love, improve your relationship with God, find and live your life purpose, heal your inner wounds and blocks, come into harmonious union with your twin flame, and finding your happily ever after and heaven on earth is truly my passion. My job is not to heal you but to help you learn to heal yourself! I am a partner with you in the process!


I fully recognize that inner work dives deep into your most vulnerable places. I view ascension coaching work and performing card readings as a sacred space and truly see it as an honor to work with you.