Personalized EFT (Tapping) Meditations

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, is an energy healing technique that helps dislodge (or “free”) stuck emotions that your body is holding onto by repeating some statements about the emotion while tapping on different acupressure points on your body.  It has also been proven to show a reduction in the stress hormone, cortisol, after tapping, as calming systems within your body are also activated while tapping

The personalized EFT Meditation that I’ll design specifically for you is really easy to do!  I’ll guide you right through it – in the video you’ll follow the tapping patterns that I do and repeat the personalized statements.

The content of the meditation can be around just about anything!

  •  A block or barrier that is identified in a card reading or dream reading
  • Something you notice that you’re having trouble releasing – it may show up as a recurring feeling, thought, fear, experience, or limiting belief – or something situational such as grief, work stress, fears about money, sadness from a break-up, releasing negativity energy picked up throughout the day, fears of giving a presentation, social worries following the pandemic, etc
  • Aligning more with something you want in your life rather than releasing something – such as aligning more to manifestations, love, abundance, motivation, creativity, etc.

There truly are endless options as to what EFT can focus on and how it can help you! 

Curious to learn more about EFT?  Watch the video below where I introduce EFT and teach you more about how it works!

Purchase your personalized EFT meditation for $25  by clicking the box below.  Please identify 1 area of focus per meditation.

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Note – We will NOT meet live, instead, purchasing by clicking the “schedule appt” box will help me track your order and allow you to provide details on what you would like the EFT meditation focus to be on.  You will find a questionaire to complete where you can provide these details upon booking your service.

If you have questions, please contact me. 

Legal Disclaimer:

Although no negative effects have been associated with tapping, everyone has different wounds and everyone is at different places on their healing process and journey.  So, I am legally required to state there may be some risk involved.  If at any time you find deeper emotions or memories arise while you are tapping in which you believe you may need professional help and support in working through, it is recommended that you consult a qualified mental health professional for individual support.

If you are concerned about this happening, you may prefer to see how you feel by tapping along to the EFT Meditations I put on the YouTube channel first and see how you feel.

By purchasing a Personalized EFT Meditation, you agree to take full responsibility for your well-being.  Therapy 4 The Soul and Carolyn Cole assumes no responsibility or liability.

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