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            Card Readings for the Soul with Carolyn

Are you feeling stuck in an area of your life?  It certainly can be frustrating when you can’t figure out what the block is or how to overcome it.  You may find yourself desiring guidance and clarity about how to move forward and manifest the life you know deep down is meant for you. Maybe it has to do with love, finances, abundance, career or life purpose, or even a message your soul may have for you.

Card readings are a beautiful tool to help with this.  The messages can help point towards blind spots or parts of your shadow self that may be coming up for healing.  And, they can help to unlock your next step.

The card readings through Therapy 4 The Soul use tarot, oracle, and angel cards as a spiritual tool to help you understand your current energies and guidance steps about how to move forward and where you may be getting in your own way.  

Whether you look at card readings as a psychological or energetic tool to connect with your subconscious self or as a spiritual means to connect with your soul or the Divine, the messages you receive will be perfect for you!

I also provide coaching messages within the readings to help give you some guidance on moving through blocks and growth areas that come through in the reading. 

Readings are delivered either via recorded video or PDF (this will be specifically indicated if you will receive via PDF). The benefit of this is you will be able to review and reflect on the reading as many times as you would like. You can also opt to have a live reading over Zoom if you’d prefer a more interactive experience, too.

You can choose:

Theme based readings and readings with your question of choice will be delivered within 7 days of purchase.

Performing readings is energetic work so I complete them as divinely guided to ensure you are receiving the highest quality reading. If for any reason I will not be able to deliver your reading within the indicated timeframe, I will reach out to you to let you know while providing you with an estimated time of completion. Readings ordered through a reading package are delivered every Monday.

I’m truly honored to read for you!

Legal Disclaimer

By booking a reading, you acknowledge that spiritual guidance is not a substitute for medical or psychological services, readings are for entertainment purposes only, and you are at least 18 years old. Always use your intuition as you take in the messages. Therapy 4 The Soul accepts no liability for any decisions, choices, or actions you choose to take based on the messages in the reading. 

**Note, the readings offered do not predict the future, so therefore do not answer questions as to when something may happen, but instead look at the current energies and guidance on how to move forward based on the energies.  The readings are designed for healing and guidance, not fortune telling.


Readings Based on a Specific Question and Celtic Cross

1 Card Reading Based on Your Question of Choice

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One Card Reading

(Please include your question in the note section when you place your order or send an email to

This is a wonderful reading if you’re just looking for one message.  I have several decks that I feel offer wonderful one card messages!  Perhaps, you’re wondering about what is something to focus on healing right now, a life purpose message, a message from your twin flame, a message from God, Mother Mary, or your angels, a message from the romance angels, a Rumi message, or a message about self-love. Whatever your question, I am confident I have a deck to provide you with the perfect one card guidance message for you! This reading is delivered via PDF.


3 Card Reading Based on Your Question of Choice

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3 Card Reading

(Please include your topic or question in the note section when you place your order or send an email with your question to carolyn@therapy4thesoul)

This reading is a 3 card reading based on your question of choice which will be delivered via PDF.  The 3 cards include where you have been, where you are now, and where this is leading you.  Basically, a past energy, present energy, and future energy if you follow the present guidance.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can also request 3 messages for your question, such as “what are the 3 biggest blocks I need to focus on right now”, or “what are 3 messages from the Divine”, or “what are 3 steps I can take towards my life purpose”, etc? 


10 Card Reading Based on Your Question of Choice

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10 Card Celtic Cross Reading

(Please include your question or topic for this reading in the note section when you place your order or send an email with your question to

This is a 10 card Celtic Cross style reading based on your question of choice.  This is for a question you want to go deeper with, as it takes you step by step through different aspects of your question.  It reveals the basis of your situation, the challenges, the past, the present, the near future, and the likely outcome based on current energies.


Guidance, Please

Guidance, Please

This reading is perfect if you don’t feel drawn to the structure or topics of the them based readings but there is something your heart is quite curious about.

It may have to do with love, money, happiness, or work, or you may like advice about particular choices you’re considering. 

Some sample questions can include:

  • what will be the outcome if I take this job
  • what does my love interest feel for me
  • how can I align more to my soul
  • what’s in store for me with the upcoming moon cycle
  • what messages does the universe want me to know
  • what will create a breakthrough? 

This reading is approximately 30 minutes.  There isn’t a particular structure to it, I just flow with the messages.

Please make sure to also send me your question(s) when you order this reading.

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