Dream Readings with Carolyn

         “Dreams are the Guiding Words of the Soul” ~Carl Jung

I have such a fascination with dreams and am excited to help you interpret messages from your soul through a dream reading.

Did you know that when you dream at night, many important messages come through.  This is because the conscious mind is asleep, which may otherwise reject some of these messages in your waking hours.  The subconscious mind never sleeps,  so it’s easier to receive certain types of communication while you’re dreaming.

These may be messages from your subconscious mind, from God or the Divine, from those who have passed on, or from your soul or higher self.

Usually, the symbolism isn’t literal – it’s doing some interpretation work to understand what the message is really saying.  I find the messages in the dreams are often:

  • Pointing you towards something to pay attention to
  • Taking a look at something you may be ignoring, pushing to the side, or suppressing in your waking life
  • Identifying an area that it’s time to do some healing work around
  • Looking at a decision or choice to make that’s going to lead you towards a path that feels happier or more fulfilling
  • Guidance on your journey

As you can see, these are important factors that come through in your dreams!

Investing in a Dream Reading

If you’re interested to get more clarity on what a dream you had might mean, I can help you with a dream reading.  In performing a dream reading, I connect with your energy and what you share about the dream to intuitively channel messages that come through, I interpret dream symbolism, and I use tarot and oracle cards to provide additional guidance.  I provide the dream reading to you in a PDF.

What I need from you in order to do a dream reading:

  • People, places, things/objects that stand out to you
  • Numbers or words that you see
  • Colors that you notice
  • Anything related to your senses – sounds, tastes, smells that you experience
  • The emotions you recall experiencing in the dream
  • Any other significant details – the more detailed you can be in your description, the better

If you feel guided to share a picture of yourself, this also helps me to connect more strongly to your energy.

If there’s anything going on in your day-to-day world that you feel this dream may be connected to, you are welcome to share this, too, as this may help in making more sense of what the dream messages are pointing towards.

You can share the information with me around your dream by sending an email to carolyn@therapy4thesoul.com.  To send a photo, please send via email.  

Note: Your order is considered complete once you submit the description of your dream and make the payment.  You’ll receive your dream reading within 1-3 days of placing your order.

Dream Reading