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“Every reading I’ve received from Carolyn resonated with me in the areas of my life that we focused on. The comfort and assurances I’ve received, as well as the light being shined on what my future as to offer, have helped me ease into happiness and satisfaction in my life in general. Carolyn is such a kind and caring person, genuine and honest. I feel that I have more control over my depression and anxiety than I ever have been in the last 25 years and I know that Carolyn and her gift is a big part of that!” ~Claudia

“I did not know why I was feeling and acting in a certain manner. After my card reading, I was able to understand my feelings and behaviors. The reading of my cards definitely helped me to regain insight and I am back on track and focused on my life goals. I thank Carolyn for helping me become grounded!” ~Sol

“It hasn’t been long since I embarked on my Twin Flame journey. I have been feeling anxious and confused regarding many things. Carolyn’s card reading provided me valuable insights in my journey. She is indeed a gifted person. Through her reading, she helped me discover some of my major blocks and give answers to my doubts that have been troubling me for some time. I found the reading to be accurate. It resonated with me perfectly. I strongly recommend getting a reading from Carolyn, it’s amazing.” ~Gauri


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