Theme Based Readings

All of the readings on this page are done via video, without you needing to be present.  You will receive the recording of your reading via a private video link within 7 days of your purchase. The readings tend to be an average of 30-60 minutes in length.  Thank you and I’m honored to read for you!

(If you’d like a reading based on your question of choice, rather than a pre-designed theme based reading, learn more at Card Readings for The Soul with Carolyn )

If you would like to book a 30 minute spiritual guidance session to discuss how to apply the information and guidance from any of the recorded theme based readings into your life, you can do so here for $59:

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Beautiful Me Reading 

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Beautiful Me Reading

How do you feel about you? Do you love yourself?  Or, are there barriers when it comes to the relationship you have with yourself?    This reading looks at your relationship with yourself, how others see you, how you can bring more love to yourself and strengthen your self concept, and a message your higher self wants you to know.


Calling in Love!

Calling in Love Reading
Are you ready to experience love in your life?  That beautiful, grounded, romantic love?  Maybe it’s a shift in your current relationship or inviting in a brand new love into your life.  This reading looks at what will help you align with the love that you’re seeking.     _________________________________________________________

Aligning with Your Manifestation

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Aligning with Your Manifestation

You are the operant power in consciously creating your life.  I am a firm believer in using the Law of Assumption in order to do so.  This reading is designed to give you some guidance, and point you in the right direction, if you’re struggling to bring some of your manifestations to life or find you are creating partial manifestations.  The reading will look at where you may be stuck and what will help you align more closely to that which you are desiring to create!


 Healing Guidance   

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Healing Guidance Reading

As Rumi states, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  This is reading helps to identify those barriers.  If you are seeking this regarding a specific topic, such as love,  life purpose, or abundance, as examples, please just include that when you place your order.  Otherwise, I will receive general healing guidance messages for you.


Relationship Healing Reading

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Relationship Healing Reading
This is a relationship reading that is perfect for any type of relationship you are wanting clarity on and may be wondering how to unlock more love and harmony within the relationship. Whether it is with your specific person, love interest, or future love interest who you have not met yet, a parent, sibling, child, friend, or even a boss – it truly can be any type of relationship. This reading looks at the strengths and challenges in the relationship, each person’s hopes and true feelings, and what can help the relationship. If it will be a future love interest that you are in the process of manifesting, we will look at the energies of the future incoming partner. If you have the names and photos of those in the relationship you are inquiring about, that is helpful to share with me. Please also let me know the type of relationship you have with this person as that clarity is important. You can send this information to ___________________________________________________________

Messages of Abundance Reading


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Messages of Abundance Reading
Abundance is an overflow, affluent, or ample quantity of something.  It’s often associated with money, but can also include things such as happiness, time, creativity, and love, to name a few.  How are you feeling about abundance?  Are you in alignment with abundance or are there some things getting in the way?  Do you tend to be in an abundant mindset or a lack mindset?  In this reading, I will receive guidance messages about your relationship with abundance, hidden messages, and guidance steps to improve your alignment with abundance. _________________________________________________________

Life Purpose Reading

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Life Purpose Reading
Your life purpose is what you are meant to do. This is something that you feel passionate about, where you are sharing a gift and love with others in the world, and is something your soul desires to do. It can be a career, but someone’s career isn’t necessarily their life purpose, especially when you think of people who are unhappy in their work. It’s doing something that you love, that helps you feel “alive”, and getting paid is like an added bonus because you are so energized from living your life purpose. This reading includes guidance messages about your life purpose, if you are wondering what your divine purpose in this world truly is, and guidance steps towards living your life purpose. ________________________________________________________

Bella’s Intuitive Guidance

Bella’s Intuitive Guidance

Cats are known to be very intuitive beings!  My dear soul cat Bella who has crossed the rainbow bridge comes to me often to deliver messages in dreams and through signs and synchronicities.

This reading, which is done using Cat focused Tarot and Oracle cards, also includes intuitive guidance from Bella.

This is a theme reading because it uses cat focused cards.  If you have a question or would like general guidance is up to you!  If you love cats I think you’ll really enjoy this reading.

If you have a specific question, please make sure to send it to me at



Messages from the Soul Reading                                               

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Messages from the Soul Reading
Do you struggle to connect with your soul?  Is it hard to trust the intuitive guidance you are being given?  All your answers are within you!  This reading includes messages that your soul/higher self wants you to know so you can better follow the inner guidance that you are receiving! _________________________________________________________

Messages from Heaving Reading

Messages from Heaven Reading


This is a new reading that I’m offering at an introductory price!

In this reading, I will use a mediumship oracle card deck, in addition to my clairsentient abilities, to connect with loved ones who have passed on to the other side.  I have had success doing this with pets and human loved ones.

I will need a photo of the soul you would like me to connect with for this reading, which you can send to me at

Legal Disclaimer

By booking a reading, you acknowledge that spiritual guidance is not a substitute for medical or psychological services, I’m legally required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only, and you are at least 18 years old. Always use your intuition as you take in the messages. Therapy 4 The Soul accepts no liability for any decisions, choices, or actions you choose to take based on the messages in the reading. 


**Note, the readings offered do not predict the future, so therefore do not answer questions as to when something may happen, but instead look at the current energies and guidance on how to move forward based on the energies and essentially to help you manifest the future you desire. The readings are designed for healing and guidance, not fortune telling.