Twin Flame and Ascension Soul Coaching and Healing Sessions

Are you claiming support in your ascension process?  Are you desiring your heaven on earth, a life with your twin flame who is your perfect partner, to live your life purpose, to have a life that feels easy, fun, loving, and abundant, where you are excited about what each day will bring?  This can be a reality for you!


All that you desire is yours and is waiting for you! Are you ready to choose this?  As your coach, I will help guide and support you into going deeper into healing the subconscious blocks and hurts that are causing you to be out of alignment with your desires and help you create more space for love!


Choose to invest in yourself and love yourself! As your coach, I am supporting you, loving you, and guiding you through the healing process and deeper into love.  I am not healing you, but guiding you to heal yourself!  I am here when you are ready!  Claim your support today!



Our coaching sessions will be done through Zoom video platform. If you’re unsure whether coaching is the right path for you, we can schedule a free 30 minute consultation!


In a 30 minute coaching session, we will work through 1-2 blocks.  In a 60 minute coaching session, we will really dive deep to move through layers of blocks that are coming up to be healed and work towards healing separation consciousness with God and your twin flame.


Therapy 4 the Soul also offers coaching packages, where you can purchase 4 session at a time for a discounted rate.  The more you choose to commit to your healing, the more quickly you will notice changes in your life.


Schedule your free consultation, 30 minute or 60 minute appointment , or purchase and schedule coaching package sessions by clicking the button below! To simplify things, the payment prompt is connected to the appointment scheduler, so you can do both things at the same place and at the same time.   Please note that appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

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What to expect in a coaching session:

Here’s a video about coaching with me:


In the coaching sessions, we can talk about whatever you would like to work on! We can pull some cards during the session to see what areas may need some healing or guidance. We can discuss how things are going in regards to your twin flame journey, love, life purpose journey, or life in general, next steps to take, and we can also move into healing blocks during the coaching sessions, too, as much of what you are experiencing when it comes to blocks and triggers are subconscious wounds.


The healing portion will start off with a meditation to help you feel more grounded. I also like to invite God into our healing session if this is something you desire. Then, I will take you into your heart space and guide you through identifying and healing your upsets and subconscious wounds as you do inner work. Much of this stems from the mirror exercise from Jeff and Shaleia’s work, which is very powerful and also one of the tools I use in my own inner healing work. I also combine this with guided imagery to help you really tap into your subconscious which is where the healing needs to take place.


Identifying Triggers through Understanding “The Mirror”

_IF YOU'RE IRRITATED BY EVERY RUB, HOW WILL YOUR MIRROR BE POLISHED__ _RUMIIn life, other people are mirroring our wounds to us all the time. Our twin flames are our perfect mirror, but others can mirror things to us, too, just in a different way than our twin flame. A way to look at this is if someone does or says something that upsets you, then that’s a wound that needs some healing. If someone does or says something that you can just brush off as it doesn’t upset you, then that is not something that needs healing, it instead is likely something for the other person to heal.


One of the things I can help you with in coaching sessions is identifying what your core wound is that’s being triggered and help you to go within your heart to give yourself love in order to heal it. You will feel the upset melt away in your heart. Many upsets have multiple layers, so you will often heal in layers rather than the entire wound at once, but will notice a difference each time!



What Do I Need to Work On?

If you’re not sure where to start, some of the things I typically help with in coaching sessions are:

  • Exploring successes and blocks in your twin flame journey
  • Identifying blocks that need healing
  • Healing blocks and core wounds
    • A few examples of blocks include often financial blocks, love blocks, intimacy blocks, worthiness blocks, rejection blocks, abandonment blocks, blocks to hearing or trusting your inner guidance, resistance blocks, control blocks, etc. Blocks are not limited to these.
  • Healing inner child wounds
  • Working on self-love and developing a more positive relationship with yourself
  • Improving your relationship with God and the Divine
  • Healing separation consciousness with God and your twin flame
  • Discussing your life purpose, identifying ways to live your life purpose, and healing any life purpose or abundance blocks
  • Reconnecting with God and spirituality
  • Reconnecting with your soul and higher self
  • Understanding signs that the divine is showing you to guide you on your path
  • Improving manifestation through understanding the law of attraction


How Twin Flame and Ascension Soul Coaching is Different from Talk Therapy

Through my own experiences in working with coaches, I have found that the inner healing work is more transformative than solely talking about what’s happening. “You gotta feel to heal.”  When you are talking about what’s going on, yes, that can absolutely be helpful to express and find ways to look at and think about your situation differently.  But, when you are talking about things, you are primarily in your head space and often talking about your feelings rather than diving deep into feeling your feelings. And when you do feel your feelings, there is a difference between releasing feelings (ie crying) and healing what’s underneath the sadness.


Twin Flame and Ascension Soul Coaching helps to access the subconscious self while much of talk therapy is focusing on the conscious self.  The subconscious self runs 90% of your life while the conscious self runs 10% of your life.   This is why it’s important to heal those subconscious wounds and bring the awareness of them to the consciousness.  This helps to explain certain patterns you may notice and themes that pop up in dreams–it’s your subconscious self. When accessing the subconscious self, you are working on the wound at it’s core, rather than talking about the wound.


When you are able to feel through those feelings, as compared to ignoring or suppressing those feelings even further, you are actually clearing and healing those energy blocks within you that have turned into stuck energy in your subconscious, as emotions are “energy in motion”. Stuck energy has negative effects on the physical body, on your vibe, and on your ability to easily access the divine, loving, soul based part of yourself. These blocks also prevent you from receiving all that you desire in life and the Rumi quote sums this up perfectly!  I believe the combination of talking, healing, and bringing God into the healing space is most helpful, and I want to help you on your path to healing!


**All sales are final. Coaching sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and any cancellations need to be made with 24 hours notice. Due to the nature of this work there are no refunds.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to a scheduled session, it will be considered a missed session unless it was pre-arranged.**

**Through this site I offer coaching sessions and not psychotherapy sessions. Spiritual work is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.   If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. Your participation in coaching sessions waives liability of Therapy 4 the Soul.**