Happiness, Purpose, Twin Flames

Welcome to Therapy 4 the Soul!

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Hi and welcome! I’m so glad that you stopped by! I really enjoy writing and am really excited to begin writing blogs as a part of my work with Therapy 4 the Soul.

I really want you to have a life that sparks joy for you. Live a life that feels happy, purposeful, and full of love. I want you to really tune into your desires, what you love to do, what path your soul is longing to lead you down, and being able to go with the flow rather than being in your headspace and doing what feels safe, practical, or what you “should be” doing. I don’t want this to be something temporary, but a way of life for you. Similar when you think of a diet vs a lifestyle change.

Does this sound good so far?

I’m really looking forward to sharing more of my thoughts with you on these areas through writing! And it’s not just my thoughts, but guidance from what my soul longs to express and what God wants me to share with you as part of my life purpose.

Thank you again for stopping by and my blog series will begin soon!



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