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Romancing Yourself

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Love letters, being gazed at adoringly, receiving flowers, walking hand-in-hand with your true love. The thought of those things sure feels good. Take a moment to shut your eyes and feel how it felt when you received those things from your divine counterpart or how you imagine it would feel if you received romance from that person right now. Can you feel the love within you?

If you are single, do you find yourself longing for this? Do you find yourself upset when you see other people experiencing this? Or, do you desire to receive more of this from your partner?

The law of attraction states that how we feel is what we attract into our reality. Learning to romance yourself is a very important gift that you can give to yourself. But, when you give yourself this gift, it’s important to receive it with love, just as you would with your twin flame.

Start by taking some time to reflect on how you desire to be romanced and write these ideas down. Then, think about how you can give this to yourself and choose to do it! For example, if receiving flowers feels romantic to you, you can romance yourself by buying flowers for yourself. But, you aren’t just going to go through the act of buying flowers. You are going to think about how beautiful the flowers are, remind yourself that you love yourself so much that you are going to give yourself a gift of flowers, and admire them when you look at them. This could be smiling when you look at them, noticing the beauty of the flowers, whatever feels good to you. The important piece is choosing to receive the feelings of love from giving yourself this gift. Another example is if you feel romanced by being looked at adoringly, take some time to look at yourself adoringly in the mirror, think to yourself how beautiful or handsome and loved you are, and feel that love and romance that you are receiving from yourself. A third example is if being taken out to dinner feels romantic for you, choose to take yourself out to dinner because you love yourself that much. Feel how good it feels to treat yourself to a delicious meal, not because you need to eat, but because you are romancing yourself. If you like going on romantic walks, choose to go on a walk and notice the beauty of nature and the sky, how the air feels on your skin, the animals that you may come across, and feel the love and romance within you while you are enjoying the time on the walk. Perhaps even smile while on your walk to really embrace the romance you are giving to yourself! Is this idea of romancing yourself making sense?

Go ahead, romance yourself! Give yourself all of the love that you deserve and choose to receive it! The more you do this, the more love you will feel within you, and the more love you will notice around you. If you suddenly start seeing the word love, loving couples, loving gestures from others (which could even be strangers smiling at you and saying hello), then you know you are in a vibe of love. You are now not “needing” this from another person as you can romance yourself anytime! But it’s always okay to “desire” this from your true love.



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