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“If You Can’t Go Outside, Then Go Within”

  "If you can't go outside, then go within."  This is a common quote I see reappearing recently, with the world currently being forced to distance socially (in truth it is distance physically) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What is "going within" and how does it feel?   For some, going within feels… Continue reading “If You Can’t Go Outside, Then Go Within”

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Self Love and the Twin Flame Journey

A core aspect of the twin flame journey is learning to love yourself. This is what your twin flame is teaching you, especially during physical separation. You may ask yourself "what does this even mean?" Or, you may even feel you already do love yourself! Let's unpack this. First of all, what is "self love?"… Continue reading Self Love and the Twin Flame Journey

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    Surrender is a key lesson in the twin flame journey.  You may have heard phrases such as "surrender to the outcome"; "surrender to divine timing"; or "surrender to divine order".  Rumi also has a quote that states "Try something new. Surrender."  What is surrendering and why is it so difficult? To surrender means… Continue reading Surrendering

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Romancing Yourself

Love letters, being gazed at adoringly, receiving flowers, walking hand-in-hand with your true love. The thought of those things sure feels good. Take a moment to shut your eyes and feel how it felt when you received those things from your divine counterpart or how you imagine it would feel if you received romance from… Continue reading Romancing Yourself