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Surrender is a key lesson in the twin flame journey.  You may have heard phrases such as “surrender to the outcome”; “surrender to divine timing”; or “surrender to divine order”.  Rumi also has a quote that states “Try something new. Surrender.”  What is surrendering and why is it so difficult?

To surrender means to release control.  You are giving control to God and to the universe and having trust and faith in following the guidance steps you are given.  You are flowing along this life journey, allowing the “divine current’ to guide you, rather than resisting or fighting it.  You are only taking divinely guided action and not ego action.  You are not worried about the “when” something will happen or “how” something will happen as you’ve accepted that’s part of the surrendering process.  Instead, you are enjoying the journey of how your desires unfold.

Does the picture above bring a sense of peace or serenity to you?  That is similar to the feeling of surrendering! Divinely guided action is something that feels good and loving and as though it “sparks your soul”, while ego action feels a bit fearful, a bit doubtful, there may be some “what ifs” going through your mind, you are wanting to take control for fear of what might happen if you don’t, and you may even feel resistance in your heart.  It’s like swimming against the current, which can feel exhausting and take you longer to get where you are headed!

What comes up for you as you think about giving up control and surrendering?  Is there any fear or anxiety?  As for many, it’s human nature to want to control, so releasing this may feel fearful.  But, as you step more and more into your divine spiritual being, surrendering does feel easier and like the better choice!

Here’s some examples.  Maybe you haven’t heard from your twin flame and don’t want them to forget about you, therefore not surrendering to divine timing/order, so you reach out to them from this mindset.  This action is not coming from a place of love (ie divine guidance) but instead of fear (ego action).   Or perhaps you are offered a job where you will earn more money, which feels reassuring, but, something about the job itself just doesn’t feel good in your heart.  If you choose to not take that job, you are following your divine guidance.

Does this make sense when you are following fear vs divine guidance?  Therefore, taking ego steps vs surrendering?  If you’re even unsure of whether you are receiving divine guidance or ego guidance, connect with your heartspace and see what comes up for you.  What feelings and what messages from God are there for you?

When you choose to surrender, the path you take is full of excitement, fun, love, and it feels easy and fulfilling.  When you choose to resist this, the path feels more worrysome, fear based, tiring, and you feel the resistance.  Choosing not to surrender isn’t going to hurt you, but it will delay you from where you are trying to go.

Check in with yourself to see where you are not choosing to surrender.  Is it a conscious thought or is it something deeper within your subconscious that you are holding onto?  Choose to look at that place within yourself that doesn’t feel good and heal that block.  You are then moving it “off the path”, so it’s easier to keep moving forward.

Choose for your path to be easy and fun!  Surrender!  It can be fun to be on the look out for the next guidance steps to take, almost like a spiritual scavenger hunt, all of which leads you closer and closer to your divine harmonious twin flame union!

If you need help with identifying and healing any blocks to surrendering, I’m happy to help you with a card reading or coaching and healing session.



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