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Rise Above



I had an interesting dream last night. I was in the sky, with others, gliding through the air on something that resembled a glider or a parachute. We didn’t jump out of a plane like you may assume with a parachute, it was like we were on our own hot air balloons, but in parachute or glider form. It felt so peaceful and freeing! The group started to descend. As I was descending, I realized the top of my parachute had turned into a foamy and airy mattress. So, I was not descending as gently as those with the parachutes, instead more rapidly. I felt a bit nervous as I realized the speed was increasing and that I did not have strings to slow the process down, such as if one was jumping out of a plane. All I could do was surrender and trust and when I  landed, although it was not in the way I would have liked, I was not hurt.

Later in the morning, I took some time to talk with God. My meditations have turned more into conversations with God, which feels beautiful as my relationship with Him is deepening. I asked for guidance for the day and heard the phrase “rise above” multiple times. In reflecting on this, I connected this to my dream. And throughout the day I saw the phrase “rise above” twice, so I took that as a strong message. I received guidance from God to share this message, so I hope this is helpful for you!

As a collective, what are we rising above? One main thing that comes to mind is the ego.  That inner self critic. When you are feeling really connected to God, the Divine, and your soul or inner being, it is such a peaceful, freeing feeling. Just as if gliding through the air,  up in the sky well above the ground, on a parachute. It feels wonderful to be in that space! However, ego can creep in and move you out of that loving vibration into one of doubt. If you don’t catch this as it is happening, it can pull you out of that peaceful feeling into one of fear or sadness. But if you notice this, you can feel into the feelings, correct the illusion the ego is telling you, and give yourself love and comfort.  I feel the mattress represented ego in my dream. When ego takes over, it can feel like ego has control. But, ego is just an illusion. It is thinking it is protecting you, but instead it is just detouring you a bit from your path if you choose to listen to it. Even when ego creeps in, you are still divinely protected and cannot get hurt as God is with you always, as resembled by the others who were in the air with me.

As you “rise above”, you are also seeing yourself from a higher perspective. You are seeing yourself in the loving light of your higher self, that God sees you to be. You are escaping the superficial “noise and chaos” of the day to day world, perhaps observing it rather than “being in it”, and instead seeing the bigger picture of the truth of who you are as a spiritual being. You realize there is nothing to fear, you are being guided perfectly, and see yourself as the loving, beautiful soul that you are.

Do you make the choice to “rise above?”  Aim to find time in your day to meditate and connect with God and your higher self.  Ask God for guidance so you are taking divinely guided steps as your spiritual self.  It will feel magical!  If you have time in the morning, it can be a great way to start your day as you are then likely heading into your day in a state of peace and with some clarity on your guidance steps!

I’m with you in this process!  If you need some extra support, I’m happy to help with a card reading or coaching/healing session.




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