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See Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Twin Flame: Adorable.

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As you feel into your heart, how do you feel about your twin flame?  Not his or her ego, but him or her as their true, divine self.   Does any part of you find them to be… adorable?  Their quirks, their cute expressions, or simply the way they look at you?  Take a moment to feel how good that feels in your heart as you feel into this!

Now, think about yourself.  Do you adore yourself in the same way that you find your twin flame to be adorable?  If this is hard to do, I invite you to go deeper with this, as remember, your twin flame is a reflection of you!

What is “adore”? defines it as:

~to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.
~to pay divine honor to; worship: (ie to adore God).
~to like or admire very much: (ie I simply adore the way your hair is done!)
And “adorable”:
~extremely charming or appealing

Drop down into your heart and connect with your inner child in that space.  What comes up for you as you feel into this energy of really loving yourself and of honoring the divinity within you?  What unique aspects of yourself do you think are cute, adorable, and that you really love?  It’s likely when you allow your inner child to express him or herself!  Do you find perhaps you adore your laugh, do you adore when you are being silly or just letting loose, do you adore how cute it is at how excited you get about things you love, is there a certain memory you have of yourself where you see yourself as adorable, or do you adore the part of yourself who feels so much love and happiness when spending time with your pets or your children?  What qualities do you adore about yourself?

Feeling into this is another aspect of self love.  Don’t just think about what this may be for you, but really feel this love for yourself.  Do you notice yourself smiling as you feel these feelings?  If yes, that’s a really good thing!  Loving yourself more deeply is an important aspect of your twin flame journey.  Commit to loving who you are each day!  Maybe it’s setting aside time in the morning and before bed to do this exercise and really connect with yourself.  You are lovable and adorable!  Choose to see yourself through the eyes of God and of your twin flame.


If you notice any blocks or resistance coming up regarding self love, I’m happy to help you with a card reading or coaching session.



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