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Is Investing in a Twin Flame Coach Really Worth It?


There are many instances in which you may ask yourself whether it’s worth it to invest in support for yourself.  Examples may be:

  • Why invest in talking to a therapist when my social support network is helpful?
  • Why invest in working with a personal trainer when I can exercise just fine on my own?
  • Why invest in working with a Twin Flame coach when I know what I need to do in order to achieve Twin Flame Union?

Do any of these sound familiar?

I recently invested in working with a personal trainer.  I had a feeling when I was called in for a complimentary “fitness assessment” with the personal training department about a month after joining the gym, that I would probably be asked some sales questions about working with a personal trainer.  I already had my mind made up that I enjoyed going to the gym, having “me time” on the elliptical with my music felt perfect, and that was good enough.  I was feeling good during and after my workouts, why invest in more?

The fitness assessment included a 30 minute workout with a personal trainer.  And, at the end of the assessment and workout, I decided I wanted to invest in working with a trainer.  How was my mind changed on this?

  • We identified my target goal and created an action plan together
  • During the workout, I realized I was pushed to go just a little bit further, when on my own I might have said “okay, this is too hard” and given up on a particular exercise that would have helped me.
  • I noticed a big shift in how my body felt (in a good way) after working with a PT compared to when I exercise on my own.
  • I was taught what to do and why it was beneficial.
  • I felt supported.
  • It felt fun to have someone alongside of me, to laugh with at times, ask questions to, reminding me to “breathe”, and to push me towards my desired outcome.
  • I know I still have my own work to do outside of PT sessions (I will be measured each week to track progress so need to make sure I’m intentional about what I’m eating, exercising in between sessions, and water intake), but I see the value in how regular sessions will help to keep me accountable and achieve my health goals more quickly.

Now, you may ask why in the world I’m sharing this.  Well, during my experience, I felt it aligned very nicely with how Twin Flame coaching is a worthy investment.  This is how working with a twin flame coach can help:

  • Identify a target goal and have your coach help you on your path to achieving that goal (Twin Flame Union).
  • Going deeper with inner work with a coach guiding you can feel easier compared to doing it on your own.  (I personally have felt this in my experience in working with coaches and my clients have shared the same thing with me.)
  • Challenging and dissolving ego thoughts and fears can be challenging on your own, however this can feel easier when a coach is pointing this out and helping you to see the truth.
  • Coaching can be fun, lighthearted, educational, and supportive, while helping you go deeper to meet your goals.
  • Consistent coaching sessions can help you remain accountable to your ultimate goal and the work you do in between sessions only enhances this!

If you have been debating whether to invest in a coach, think about how a different type of coach may have helped you, whether it be a sports coach, a music coach, or a physical trainer as examples.  Were you able to achieve your goals more quickly with the help and support of a coach compared to doing all of the work on your own?

Choose to invest in yourself and your journey.


4 thoughts on “Is Investing in a Twin Flame Coach Really Worth It?”

  1. Absolutely! This an investment I couldn’t afford to do without. Working with you, not unlike my physique goals and the personal trainers I use, has allowed me to optimize the results I’m getting. I couldn’t do this work on my own. You’ve taken out all of the guesswork, the doubts and frustrations about a beautiful yet vexing concept (Twin Flames) that oftentimes defies a rational explanation.

    Thanks to you, I get it. You’ve taken out all of the mystery of the process by laying out a path that keeps me from straying into “conventional wisdom.” You not only motivate me and keep me accountable in reaching my inner work goals, but you stop me from second-guessing my hard-wired ego decision-making. Your support allows me to keep progress towards the goal I now proudly claim: to achieve a harmonious twin flame union with my beloved twin flame.

  2. As a fellow coach I agree! There are bad eggs out there that do try to take advantage of people who are struggling though, and it gives us a bad name. Getting coached in my journey led to me becoming a coach. It was a worthy investment for sure!

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