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Today is a beautiful day where I live!  I feel like the city starts to come back to life in the springtime!  I was blessed to be able to work from home today and felt guided to walk to the grocery store to pick up some items during my day.  I was noticing the city re-awakening, the beautiful blue sky amongst the clouds, and just smiled as I took it all in.  A young girl walked by me and her shirt said “Don’t Ever, Ever, Ever, Give Up.”  I then passed a parked car with a license plate that said “Results”.  I love to look for signs from God and the Universe and loved these messages!  I had also been asking God for guidance on what to write about today and this seems perfect!

How are things going with your goals, your twin flame journey, your life purpose, and those things you are desiring to manifest?  Some of The Law of Attraction teachers state that right before what you desire manifests, many people either give up or start to doubt what they are desiring will indeed happen, which then sends the universe a different message and puts a halt on your manifestations.  The universe really responds to those subconscious messages you send out.

Keep going!  Stay strong and do your inner work!  During the days it feels tiring, do some self care and claim support from those who understand your journey, but don’t give up.  It’s so important to keep having hope, trust, and faith.  God and the universe want you to be happy and abundant.  With your inner work, you are nurturing the manifestation seed that you planted.  Keep nurturing it while it grows and blossoms.  Trust that results will come!

As you continue on your journey, look for the beauty in the day, enjoy yourself, have fun with the process, and keep your eyes out for guidance from God and the universe!  It’s like a scavenger hunt with God, the universe, and your soul as you are getting closer to your desires.  You are being guided!  Doesn’t that sound fun?  You can do it!  Focus less on the outcome and more on the journey and how you will feel when what you are desiring comes to you.  What you are desiring may be even better than what you imagined so it’s important not to fixate on a particular outcome but instead imagine how you will feel when you receive your desire!  As I referenced earlier, the universe is responding to your feelings.  For example, instead of wondering when you will reunite with your twin flame, when your life purpose will take off, or when you will receive financial abundance, instead imagine how good it will feel when that happens and feel those feelings as if it already has.  You may feel blissful, loving, free, happy, joyful, etc.  Then, look for the signs and follow the guidance you receive!

I’m with you in this process!  If you need some extra support, I’m happy to help with a card reading or coaching/healing session.




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