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“If You Can’t Go Outside, Then Go Within”



“If you can’t go outside, then go within.”  This is a common quote I see reappearing recently, with the world currently being forced to distance socially (in truth it is distance physically) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What is “going within” and how does it feel?


For some, going within feels natural.  Perhaps it’s already a part of inner work and self exploration you have been doing.  For others, it brings on anxiety, especially for those of you who may seek out distractions to prevent you from having to be with yourself.


Going within is all about connecting with yourself.  This may be connecting with your inner child, with God, or with your inner being.   For others it may be disconnecting from your thoughts and connecting with your breath.


As you connect with yourself, you may feel a nudge to do something that a part of you has been desiring or even longing to do, but may have found you have put this off due to believing you didn’t have time to do this before.  Here are some ideas to get you started:



    • You may find an urge to draw, color (there’s several adult coloring books you can find), paint, dance, play music, write a blog, or write a book.



    • In what ways can you move your body?  Connect with your body?  Perhaps noticing how your body feels, stretching, yoga, or going for a walk or a run.



    • You may now find there are things in your life that you are truly grateful for and have more appreciation for, that you may have unintentionally taken for granted in the past.  You may notice these things more.  If these are relationships, you may find yourself making more of an effort to connect with those who are important to you (including yourself as an important relationship).


Inner Work and Self Exploration

    • You may find a desire to understand yourself on a deeper level.  This may be getting clearer on your purpose, on what is meaningful to you, getting clarity on the question “who am I”, self love practices, and/or inner healing.  You may also find yourself being drawn to read more books that you find inspirational, listen to or watch podcasts or videos that feel meaningful, or engage in journaling, automatic writing, or meditation.

If you’re unsure how to get started, you can begin by googling some topics of interest and see where you are led, such as to articles, books, or videos. You can also google journal prompts if you feel you want to begin journaling but are struggling on how to begin.


Self Care and Simplicity

    • You may start to enjoy the simple aspects of life that are often overlooked.  Perhaps what it feels like to relax while having a cup of coffee in the morning, or relax while having a cup of tea before bed.  Taking time to draw a bubble bath before bed.  Taking time to create delicious meals and being mindful of how you are nourishing your body.  Talking with family and friends on the phone while being present in the moment rather than texting or multitasking while talking to them.  Or, connecting more deeply with the loved ones you live with.  You may start your day off meditating or do some light reading before going to bed.



    • You may find a desire to connect with God, with the divinity with yourself, as you allow yourself to “just be.”  You may also feel drawn to engage in meditation, prayer, or learning more about spirituality and the personal meaning it has for you.


In what ways can you value and appreciate this time of social/physical distancing to connect more with yourself?  Trust me, you will feel better if you look at this experience from the perspective of what you can gain from this time, as well as how you can heal and enhance your life, by taking time to go within. And who knows, you may find you desire to continue to make this part of your life once the social/physical distancing comes to a close.







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